Grove GMK5250L-1 All-Terrain Crane Installs Vatican's Christmas Tree

The efficiency of the Grove GMK5250L-1 enabled I.B.A. Crane to accurately lift and position the Christmas tree with minimal disruption to the public.

Thu December 16, 2021

Italian rental company I.B.A. Crane undertook the important job of installing the Vatican's main Christmas tree in St. Peter's Square, using a Grove GMK5250L-1 all-terrain crane.

I.B.A. Crane chose the five-axle 275 ton capacity mobile crane, which it received from Central and Southern Italian Grove dealer FIMI in December 2020, to complete this prestigious task for its convenient compact dimensions and efficient operation.

The Grove GMK5250L-1 has a 230 ft., seven section main boom and TWIN-LOCK boom pinning system. In general, it offers impressive performance and flexibility, as well as logistical advantages due to its self-rigging auxiliary hoist and counterweight plates, which are interchangeable with other Grove all-terrain cranes, according to the manufacturer.

"In this case, the application did not require any special configuration, as is necessary on construction sites – but the efficiency of the GMK5250L-1 all-terrain crane, together with its logistical advantages enabled us to lift and position the tree both quickly and accurately," said Massimiliano Di Stefano, general manager of I.B.A. Crane.

The 113-year-old tree was donated by the Sustainable Forest Authority of Trentino Alto Adige. It was illuminated on Dec, 10 and will remain in St. Peter's Square until Jan, 9, 2022.

Headquartered in Basciano, I.B.A. Crane has specialized in transport and lifting solutions since 1968. Today, it operates more than 100 units of construction machinery and equipment, including 10 Grove mobile cranes. Over the last decade, the Group has expanded into new markets, opening branches in Romania, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where it is enjoying considerable success.

A Grove GMK5250L-1 all-terrain crane has installed a tall spruce in Vatican City's famous St. Peter's Square in preparation for Christmas.