2019 Manitex 35124C

Category: Boom Truck Cranes - Mounted Boom Truck Cranes
Machine Name: 2019 Manitex 35124C
Serial Number: 264195
Stock Number: 79350
Description: MANITEX 35124C
Standard features:
2-speed hoist with grooved drum, 7 ton hook and ball, 124' Five-Section Telescopic Boom, 3-Load Sheave Quick Reeve Boom Head, Externally wired Anti-Two Block w/Lockout, Boom Hoist Cylinder, System Pressure Gauge, 372° Non Continuous Rotation, Removable Boom Rest, Engine Start/Stop, Operator's Service/ Parts Manuals, Boom Length and Angle Indicators, Foot Throttle, Electronic Throttle, Signal Horn, Bubble Level, Beverage Cup Holders, 380' of 5/8” rotation Resistant Wire Rope, 115 Gallon Reservoir w/Suction Strainer & Ball Valve, Pedestal, Turret, Rotation Bearing & Swing System, Dual Operator Control Stations, Can Bus Load Moment Indicator – Audio/Visual Alert w/Shutoff Hermetically sealed Printed Circuit Board Electrical System w/LED Circuit Status Indicators, Audible Outrigger/Stabilizer Motion Alarm, Out and Down Front Outriggers w/22' Spread, 3-Section Vane Pump Counterclockwise Rotation is Standard, Subframe for 22' Bed, Outrigger M
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Boom Truck Cranes - Mounted Boom Truck Cranes
2019 Manitex 35124C
Dealer Information:
Coastline Equipment Crane Division
Santa Ana, CA
Equip Manager
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