Merkel Autokrane Selects Pair of Grove Cranes for Complex Tandem Lift

Karlheinz Göring from Merkel Autokrane’s field service department opted to use two of the company’s 275.5 ton Grove all-terrain cranes in tandem for a challenging lift.

Wed September 14, 2022

German crane services company Merkel Autokrane selected two of its 275.5 ton Grove all-terrain cranes for a challenging tandem lift in the Bamberg area of Lower Franconia.

The GMK5250XL-1 and GMK5250L were called in to build a multi-story parking lot for one of the world's largest online retailers of musical instruments.

Dieter Popp, regional sales manager of Manitowoc, said existing infrastructure at the job site necessitated the innovative two-crane solution.

"This was a tricky project because existing underground utility lines meant a larger crane could not be used. Because of this, Karlheinz Göring from Merkel Autokrane's field service department opted to use two of the company's [275.5 ton] Grove all-terrain cranes in tandem.

"With plenty of strength and reach, these five-axle units handled the project's challenges with ease. Also, with our CCS [crane control system], operators can use the joysticks to carry out fine movements with closer control, which was a valuable feature on a technically-demanding tandem lift such as this."

A series of precast concrete beams were positioned by the two Grove cranes for the parking garage, which has two basement and three above-ground levels. Both cranes were fitted with 88 tons of counterweight, with the GMK5250XL-1 lifting at a radius of 128 ft. and the GMK5250L at 151 ft. The beams each measured 52.5 ft. in length and weighed 14.3 tons and were placed during a single day.

The newer of the two cranes on the project is Merkel Autokrane's GMK5250XL-1. This crane has the longest main boom in its class, due to a 257.5 ft. telescoping TWIN-LOCK boom, which can be extended up to 357.6 ft. with the addition of a jib plus inserts.

Power comes from a Mercedes OM471LA EUROMOT 5 engine, which drives the carrier and the superstructure. The engine technology means the GMK5250XL-1 can deliver up to 30 percent lower fuel costs compared with previous-generation models, the manufacturer said.

Alongside the GMK5250XL-1, was Merkel Autokrane's GMK5250L. This model has a 230 ft. main boom and can lift loads of up to 31 tons at a 72 ft. radius. A powerful yet versatile five-axle machine, the GMK5250L is fast to set up on the job site and offers enhanced maneuverability through its MEGATRAK suspension system, which features on all Grove all-terrain cranes.

Merkel Autokrane offers crane and transport services in northern Bavaria and throughout Germany. Over the past 23 years, the company has established itself as a reliable partner, due to its experienced staff and modern, well-equipped fleet of mobile and loader cranes. The company's fleet currently includes four Grove cranes, and it also operates a range of heavy transportation vehicles. In addition to the two Grove cranes used on the tandem lift, Merkel Autokrane operates a Grove GMK4090 and a Grove GMK5150L.

Merkel Autokrane handled the project directly via its head office in nearby Bamberg. The company also operates from branches in Schlüsselfeld, Burgkunstadt and Nürnberg.

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