VIDEO: On Site With First Potain MDT 489 Erected in North America

Tue October 04, 2022

The first erected Potain MDT 489 tower crane in North America is now at work on a construction site in Madison, Wis., near the state capitol. Manitowoc President and CEO Aaron Ravenscroft took a trip to meet with the crane's owners — Nicholas, Nathanael and Mark Reynolds, of Reynolds Rigging and Crane Service — and watch the crane perform on the job site.

"We have recently purchased two MDT 489 cranes to complement our rental fleet. Our expectations have been surpassed with these cranes. They are easy and efficient to haul, fast to erect, and smooth to operate — features that have helped us complete work more efficiently," Mark Reynolds said. "The flat-top design has been very advantageous on a two-crane site. We look forward to continuing to employ these cranes to help us lead the competition and provide the best cranes available for our customers."

The MDT 489 in Madison is building the Wilson Apartments development that has views of nearby Lake Monona. The project is led by Stevens Construction, a locally-based firm.

The Potain crane is configured with 178 ft. of height under the hook and a 180 ft. jib radius to deliver all the lifting power needed for the construction of the new residential building. The crane was selected for its 20,600 lbs. of tip capacity at 160 ft. to execute the concrete work required by the build.

Reynolds owns a fleet of Potain cranes, including an MDT 389, several MDT 489s and an MD 559. The company is proud to have a Potain-trained technician on staff to serve its customers.

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(L-R) are Nicholas Reynolds, Nathanael Reynolds and Mark Reynolds, of Reynolds Rigging & Crane Service, and Aaron Ravenscroft, Manitowoc's president and CEO.