New 300|AT Reimagines All-Terrain Platform at Link-Belt

The 300|AT is well equipped with a seven section 46 to 238 ft. pin and latch greaseless formed boom and optional two-piece 42 to 71 ft. on-board hydraulically offset fly and two 25 ft. lattice extensions.

Thu January 19, 2023
Link-Belt Cranes

Link-Belt Cranes has announced its all-new 300-ton 300|AT all-terrain crane will debut at ConExpo-Con/AGG ‘23 in Las Vegas (March 14 to 18, 2023).

Following valuable voice of the customer data collection as well as engineering and manufacturing research, Link-Belt Cranes is debuting an entirely new crane platform with the 300|AT.

"We spoke extensively with our customer base and feel like we have delivered. They want a crane that travels down the road efficiently, goes together on a job site quickly, has a strong chart, and is reliable," said Andrew Soper, product manager telescopic truck and all-terrain cranes.

The 300|AT is a five axle all-terrain crane built with transportability in mind meeting all North American transportation requirements. Its single engine platform is HVO fuel ready and EPA On-Highway and CARB On-Road compliant.

"This crane represents Link-Belt's long-term AT investment, which goes back to 2009 with construction of our own formed boom bay and subsequent ATC-3275 introduction," said Soper.


The 300|AT is well equipped with a seven section 46 to 238 ft. pin and latch greaseless formed boom and optional two-piece 42 to 71 ft. on-board hydraulically offset fly and two 25 ft. lattice extensions. Maximum attachment will achieve a tip height of 369 ft. and an efficient modular counterweight configuration adds to the 300|AT's versatility.

Maximum counterweight is 162,000 lbs. with four overflow truckloads, and for improved mobility and efficiency for a variety of jobsite scenarios the 300|AT can be set up with two overflow loads and 74,000 lbs. of counterweight.

Another improvement to the 300|AT's mobility is the option of transporting the 300|AT with its upper 8,000 lbs. counterweight tray and still stay below 160,000 lbs. gross vehicle weight [23,000 lbs. per axle].

The 8 ft. heavy lift fly provides robust capacities and line separation for two load line operation in applications like precast wall panels. Time tested and proven features such as greaseless sheaves and Teflon wear pads cut maintenance and service costs. Additional standard boom features include wireless wind speed indicator, single-hand operation rope guard, and three work lights on the boom base section.

The 300|AT also will feature SmartFly. Link-Belt's simple, intuitive SmartFly system ensures proper fly erection and stowage sequence while minimizing work at height. Link-Belt fly erection procedures have been embraced in the market on most all of Link-Belt's telescopic product line for their ease of assembly and one person operation, according to the manufacturer.


A single 554 hp Cummins X15 diesel engine with ZF Traxon automated manual transmission delivers best-in-class power on the 300|AT. The transmission features improved shifting performance and offers integrated intarder braking with paddle shift controls for easy stop-and-go at highway speeds. The 300|AT also features an innovative new power transmission system for efficiently powering upper hydraulic functions. It offers a 24 volt electrical system with an optimized, modern CANBUS communications.

Customers will recognize the purpose-built two-person carrier cab from the 175|AT on the new 300|AT. The interior features amenities such as automatic climate control, blue tooth radio, cell phone charging and LED lighting. An air ride seat with lumbar support provides optimum comfort while driving.

Operator's Cab

The operator's cab is a legacy success story, tailored for all-terrain operations. Pulse 2.0 with its 10 in. touch display is at the heart of this crane with features and controls that are intuitive, adaptable and in easy arm's reach. The view from the seat is unimpeded in any kind of weather with large sweeping wipers in the front and top, and strategically-placed vents for quick defrost.

Another new feature to Link-Belt's all-terrain lineup is the improved flexibility of V-CALC, an infinitely variable outrigger positioning that allows for setup in tight jobsite conditions where outriggers require being unevenly extended (0, 40, 70 and 100 percent extension). All capacities are printed in crane rating manual and automatic swing function kick-out works to maintain forward and backward stability.

Standard carrier features that operators are accustomed to include: four points of access to the flat carrier deck, a comprehensive camera "Site Vision" package, and the premiere lighting package on the market for nighttime operations.

Other standout features of the 300|AT include:

  • Wireless rigging remote (carrier function, upper function, fly erection)
  • Tire pressure and temperature monitoring system
  • SmartStack counterweight detection system
  • Tie offs at all dedicated anchor points for multiple work positions
  • Flat carrier deck

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