Liebherr USA Co. Announces New Divisional Director

Photo courtesy of Liebherr
Shane Kuhlmey

Mon April 15, 2024

Liebherr USA Co. appointed Shane Kuhlmey as divisional director of crawler cranes, deep foundation machines and maritime cranes, effective April 1, 2024.

Kuhlmey transitions into this new role following a successful tenure as head of Liebherr USA Co.'s mining division, where he made a significant impact by building and leading a nationwide team of mining experts to achieve remarkable advancements in efficiency and safety.

"Having spent the last six years with Liebherr, I have had the joy of working with the best team in mining," said Kuhlmey. "As I transition to the crawler cranes, deep foundation machines and maritime cranes division, I look forward to learning about the intricacies of the crane and maritime industries, meeting our valued customers, and building strong, lasting relationships. I am enthusiastic about the future and committed to ensuring the continued success and growth."

Kai Friedrich, managing director of Liebherr USA Co., said, "We are confident that Shane's strategic vision and commitment to excellence will drive Liebherr's crawler cranes, deep foundation machines and maritime cranes division to new heights of success. Kuhlmey's transition to this new sector is a testament to Liebherr's commitment to diversifying our expertise and strengthening our position in the North American market."

As the new divisional director, Kuhlmey looks forward to collaborating closely with his new team and continuing to provide current and future customers with the highest levels of customer service.

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