Grove TTS9000-2 Truck Crane Brings All-Wheel Steering to Nimble, Lightweight Carrier

The 115 ton capacity truck crane features an automated steering system that helps operators navigate challenging driving conditions, whether on congested urban job sites or small backcountry roads.

Thu May 19, 2022

Manitowoc has expanded its Grove truck crane offering with the new four-axle TTS9000-2, boasting all-wheel steering and an impressively long boom on a lightweight carrier.

Much of the improved design comes from Manitowoc's Voice of the Customer process, which uses consumer insights to improve engineering work and product development.

The 115 ton capacity truck crane features an automated steering system that helps operators navigate challenging driving conditions, whether on congested urban job sites or small backcountry roads.

"We listened to the input of customers who were passionate about the need for rear steering capability and worked with Manitowoc's Lift Solutions engineers and other teams to leverage our successful TMS9000-2 platform and make this new crane a reality," said JJ Grace, Grove's product manager of truck-mounted cranes.

"Once again, our commitment to the Voice of the Customer process resulted in the development of an innovative new model that will greatly benefit both Manitowoc and our customers."

Each of the all-wheel steering modes can be activated by the operator at the click of a button on the right-hand console. For instance, with crab steering selected, all tires point in the same direction when the steering wheel is turned, allowing the crane to travel diagonally. Another option is a coordinated mode where the driver turns the front wheels in the direction of travel and the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction. This reduces the truck crane's turning radius and makes tight turns much easier.

"One of the model's biggest advantages is that the operator doesn't have to manually adjust the rear wheels, as this feature has traditionally been engaged on similar machines," Grace said. "By incorporating automated controls, our system is designed to be intuitive for operators of all levels. This new model is a great option for customers looking for advanced steering options in a compact package, in conjunction with the best truck crane features on the market.

"During development, we worked closely with a customer who services wineries and utilities in Northern California. He routinely has to overcome some very steep inclines in addition to extremely tight switchbacks, which were nearly impossible with his front-steer truck crane," he said.

"When he put the TTS9000-2 into rear-steer mode, it glided up gravel roads with grades over 19 percent. On another winding road, where he'd previously needed to perform a six-point turn, he was now able to make the bend without having to back up."

Improved Drivability

The TTS9000-2's drivability is improved due to the crane's compact dimensions and light roading weight afforded by its removable counterweight feature.

"We see this model as a great option for customers who need a truck crane that can wear a lot of different hats," Grace added. "Our customers can reach more job sites by taking the crane along with a small support truck for the extra counterweight. It's a setup that has worked well for many of our TMS9000-2 customers."

Even without a jib extension, reach is impressive, due to the TTS9000-2's MEGAFORM, six-section boom shape that also increases capacity over conventional designs. Extending from 36 to 169 ft., it makes optimum use of the TWIN-LOCK pinning system that not only eliminates weight from inside the extended boom but automatically locks the sections together.

Faster, Simpler Setup

The outriggers of the TTS9000-2 also benefit from recent Grove design improvements that aim to make jobsite setup simpler and faster.

The rear outrigger box, for example, is now 5 in. higher to improve the departure angle to 18 degrees. Also, the front outrigger jacks have been mounted 3.5 in. higher to improve ground clearance, while allowing for an extra 3 in. of outrigger stroke. Additionally, the outrigger pad size has been increased from 20 to 24 in. to provide even greater stability.

"Our outrigger improvements will play a big part in making this crane even more user-friendly, and elevating the overall ownership experience," Grace said. "That was also a change made in response to customer suggestions and will serve to enhance their trust and confidence in our machines even further."

The TTS9000-2 is now available for order throughout the Americas. Click here to see the full specifications for the new crane.

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