H.A. Leo Crane Purchases First New Tadano AC4.110-1 in North America

Harry Leo (R), owner of H.A. Leo Crane, and his father, Tony, picked up the crane at the Port in New Jersey.

Wed June 22, 2022
Empire Crane Company

Harry Leo III of H.A. Leo Crane LLC in Webster, Mass., recently took delivery of a new 2022 Tadano AC 4.110-1, 120-ton all terrain crane from Empire Crane Company.

This is the first Tadano AC 4.110-1 to be delivered in North America.

Leo Crane is a third generation company that offers rigging, lifting and hauling throughout New England. The 100 to 120 ton class is the ideal size for the category of work and customers H.A. Leo Crane serves. In order to reduce downtime and increase efficiency, they felt it was best to purchase a new unit.

"I grew up in an old school work environment and always believed the less things that can go wrong the better. This Tadano is rock solid," said Leo.

The Tadano AC 4.110-1 features the following:

  • 37.4 ft. to 196.9 ft. main boom
  • 12.1 ft. to 104.7 ft. jib
  • 67,020 lbs. counterweight
  • Mercedes-Benz engine
  • 223 ft. max radius
  • 12.5 ft. tail swing radius, even at the full counterweight

H.A. Leo Crane also owns a 100 ton Krupp, 120 ton Grove and a 250 ton Tadano. Their love of their 250 ton Tadano had a major influence in their purchasing decision.

"We can get to the job site quicker, set up in tighter spaces, and the capacity is unmatched," Leo said.

The AC 4.110-1's first job was performing work on a cell tower on an extremely tight job site in Cranston, R.I.

"This crane was tailor made for jobs like this because of the extremely tight set up area, narrow access road and very tall tower," Leo said.

They used the full 196.9 ft. of main boom and the small footprint with uneven outriggers. Their heaviest pick was 2,500 lbs. at a radius of 85 ft.

Paul Lonergan, Empire Crane owner and president said, "For guys like Harry, it's like Tadano engineered this crane just for them. The size, the mobility, the ease of use and simplicity is perfect for the jobs they perform everyday."

Empire crane has a team of Tadano factory trained technicians and stocks many Tadano parts and filters needed to support their customers.

"From ordering the crane to taking delivery of it 6 months later, it has been a pleasure to work with both Paul and Luke [Lonergan of Empire Crane]; they are genuine people," Leo said.

For more information about Empire Crane, visit. www.EmpireCrane.com.

For more information on H.A. Leo Crane Service, visit www.haleocrane.com.

For more information on Tadano, visit https://tadanoamericas.com/uscan/en/.